3PL / Warehouse Services

3PL / Warehouse Services

We provides warehousing and 3PL services support to our valuable customers with our Warehouse and Distribution Network Services, We manage your supply chain with integrated pool distribution, cross docking, warehousing and transportion solutions. Our Warehouse and Distribution Network Services offer short-term and long-term options as well as customized solutions. Our clients also benefit from a co-op delivery system that utilizes shared routes to drastically reduce transportation expenses and the savings are passed directly on to you.

  • Flexible options of warehouse utilization i.e. sq. mtr / CBM / pallet positions

  • Material security and safety

  • Modern infrastructure and handling solutions

  • Bonded and non bonded facilities

  • Storing and managing inventory

  • State-of-art warehouses are equipped with modern material handling equipment

  • Great workforce for efficient logistics coordination

  • Item-wise / location-wise inventory management with traceability, recall capability, ageing analysis

  • Order management to ensure on time delivery

  • Warehouse management solution integrated with ERP systems

Key Capabilities For 3PL Solutions

  • Logistics Related Manpower Support

  • Total Inventory Management

  • Total Supply Chain Management

  • Escorts Service

  • Dedicated Vehicles / Designed Vehicles

  • Tracking and Tracing through GPS

  • Milk Run Application


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